Types of Search Network Advertisement
Types of Search Network Advertisement

Types of Search Network Advertisement

Search Network

This network is the list of all websites related to a specific search. Search Network is part of Google Network, a group of all sites that can contain advertisements. If you place your ad there, it’ll appear close to Google Maps, Google Images, etc.

The primary goal of the Search Network advertisement is to make your company more visible. This is made possible by managing the hottest content-related keywords. It’s considered a cost-effective way of advertising your brand and boosting your business. By managing your keywords, you can ensure that customers will access your website. You can follow your ad’s performance with Google AdWords and Google Analytics.


Types of Search Network Advertising

Search Network advertising includes text ads, call-only ads, and Dynamic Search Ads. Those advertisements usually appear with the label “Ads by Google”, “Ads”, or only “Ad”. Those advertisements can also come with “ad extensions”. You can include more details about your business, address, phone number, call buttons, and more in those extensions.

Ad extensions are strategic because they allow you to provide more information about your business. They increase the CTR (click-through rate) drastically. There are also Shopping Ads. Shopping advertisements are designed to promote products, not keywords. Usually, the label for this kind of ad is “Sponsored” but can also appear as “Ads by Google”.

Finally, there are image and video advertisements. Partners can host and promote videos, as well as images advertisements for their websites.


Dynamic Search Network Advertising

Dynamic Search advertising is generated by Google after your website is scanned by bots to identify the most efficient search terms. Then, this service creates an ad based on them. This kind of ad is convenient and time-saving, as you don’t have to spend your time creating a less effective ad.

Dynamic Search Ads keep your advertisements fresh and updated. For this reason, it can increase traffic to your website drastically. Down the road, it translates into more business opportunities.


Shopping Advertising

Shopping advertising can increase traffic on your e-commerce website. The first step is to provide your product information to Google: your ad should have a name, price, a picture, and a website link. Shopping ads also use the auction method. Shopping ads don’t target keywords and can work with any text. All that you need to do is provide the product you want to promote. So, when a potential customer searches for the item you’re selling, your result will appear on the top.


Mobile App Advertising

Mobile app ads, combined with search ads, are a great way to advance your brand’s reach. This model optimizes your ad for mobile access. Smartphones are everywhere and respond to a good part of online searches. Turning your ad mobile-friendly is a concrete step to get the word out and reach much larger audiences.

If your brand already has an app, you can direct potential customers to Google Play and the Apple Store to download it. It’s an excellent way to boost your app’s downloads, promote your services, and stand out from the pack. It also helps you build up your customer portfolio. If you choose to create an ad for your application, here are your options:

  • Search Ads
  • Banner Ads
  • Interstitials
  • Display Network
  • Google Play download screen