Yataş Bedding Success Story
Yataş Bedding Success Story

The Yataş bedding success story is one that we’ve repeated many times. Applying a few SEO secrets, any brand can follow in the Yataş story.


The Yataş brand is dedicated to sleep health while adding bedroom decorations to our range of products. How did we get growth in SEO? When the company launched the new corporate website, we made sure to include the correct SERP URLs, ensuring that they came out at the top of search results every time. This increased SEO visibility and drove organic traffic to the website. The bedding success story means that there’s now 45% more traffic to the Yataş site when people search using the keywords linen, beds, plinth, pillows, and colourful home textiles.


You may wonder: “How did we get successful?” Using SEO correctly and creatively helps channel organic traffic to your site, which indirectly means increased sales. We’ve worked with various brands that can all testify to using SEO for business success.


45% growth in sourcing organic traffic through Google