What is Social Media Advertisement? | Sempeak
What is Social Media Advertisement? | Sempeak

What is Social Media Advertisement? | Sempeak

Social media is by far one of the largest types of online platforms, with well over one billion users across multiple sites. Four of the leading social media websites are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin. Each one differs slightly in its focus and how it’s used. Today, we’ll go over each of these four social media giants and how advertising works on them.

Depending on which platform you’re on, your ads will need to be tailored a little differently. One of the key benefits of social media advertising is that it’s cost-effective. Anyone can make a page/account for their business for absolutely free. You can make regular posts to reach a broad audience and garner more interest for your business and products.

The days of having to advertise on TV, the local newspaper or yellow pages are mostly long gone. Social media is clearly the way of the future and it’s here to stay for the foreseeable future. Learn the basics so your business can continue to stay competitive.


Facebook Ads

Facebook is the largest of the four social media companies and the most diverse in terms of what you can accomplish. With such a large base, it’s crucial to make a Facebook page for your business if you haven’t done so already. People who like or follow your page will receive all your posts in their news feed, increasing your exposure.

It’s possible to expand your posts to other people as well. These are called “sponsored” posts. By paying a small fee, your posts will appear in the news feeds of other people who haven’t liked your page specifically but may follow similar pages. In this way, they became aware of your page and may end up following it. With Facebook, you can directly interact with other users through comments on your posts and direct messages.


Instagram Ads

Instagram is primarily a photo-sharing platform with roughly half a billion users. While less than Facebook, it’s still a valuable site for advertising your business. With Instagram, you can publish both photos and videos to promote your brand.

Like Facebook, Instagram also allows you to interact directly with other users. You can reply directly to their comments on your posts, as well as any direct messages you receive. Instagram is another important tool in your advertising toolkit that shouldn’t be neglected.


Twitter Ads

Twitter is an excellent platform for businesses who want to be in direct communication with their audience. With Twitter, users post “tweets” to communicate. One of the key features of Twitter is the ability to add hashtags to your posts, which will allow other users to find them in searches. That way, you can expand your potential audience greatly.

Twitter does also allow for the posting of photos and other media. Like the previous two, you can also communicate directly with people on each of your posts. Overall, Twitter presents a fantastic platform to expand your businesses without having to spend much money.


LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn is well known among business and professionals. There are over 270 million users all around the world. People use LinkedIn to build their professional connections and market themselves and their businesses.

It’s important to realize LinkedIn works quite differently from the previous sites mentioned. For example, it’s not quite as open as Facebook but could provide valuable exposure for yourself and your business.



Successful businesses will find themselves operating on as many social media platforms as possible. Certainly, operating on these platforms, publishing posts and interacting with others will take some time. It’s definitely time well spent, though. By learning more about social media, you can begin growing your business today.