Monster Notebook Truview Success Story
Monster Notebook Truview Success Story

The Fokus company established Monster Notebook brand in 2000 and manufactured their first product in 2005. Based in Istanbul, the company aims to improve its brand/product perception.

How Did We Get Growth in Shopping Ads

Monster Notebook, which participates in producing player accessories and state-of-the-art gaming and corporate computers, ranks higher than Turkey’s leading companies in high-performance Gamer products. We’ve achieved this by using Shopping Ads techniques and expanding our digital footprint via content and strategy marketing to target potential clients.

How Did We Get Successful

Monster Notebook has used its Trueview and Youtube campaign to expand brand awareness and boost sales through stream and shopping advertising models. Monster Notebook aimed the campaign at two markets; gamers who frequently watched the videos and were interested in the computers and those who subscribed to the brand on social media.


Using Shopping Ads and YouTube, the brand can increase product sales and grow its client following by getting the potentials to click on the ad and absorb the information available.


Monster Notebook Trueview Success Story

Investing in Shopping Ads and enhancing its market strategy has led Monster Notebook to see a 25% increase in product searches, a 68% decrease in cost per acquisition, a 250% in conversion rates and a 334% boost on the return on investment.