Enza Home On The Rise In Organics
Enza Home On The Rise In Organics

Enzo Home is the concept furniture brand by the lifestyle company Yataş Group. They aim to create a refined way of life with their innovative home products such as dining room sets, bedroom furniture, textiles and accessories.

How We Used SEO for Growth

Each day we’re surrounded by more and more progressive technology, which means we’ll have to keep up with the times. People are no longer walking into stores or visiting malls to get an idea of what they want.

People are using the internet and the digital world, filled with an excessive amount of information. That’s why our digital footprint has to be visible enough to get the right amount of traffic. We do this using Search Engine Optimisation.


How SEO Works for Us

SEO puts essential information and listings of our products in the top SERP positions. This helps us to boost SEO visibility and gain more website traffic and organic sessions than competitors.

Enza Home uses performance and content marketing, combined with e-commerce research and social media, to access our target audience and identify their needs. This way, we create an accessible sales platform to use it to cater to their customers’ needs.


Over 105% growth in Google-sourced organic session*

30% growth in the second half of 2016 compared to 2015

55% growth in the second half of 2017 compared to 2016