Enterprise Success Story
Enterprise Success Story

With customers in over 85 countries globally, it’s no wonder Enterprise is one of the leading car rental companies worldwide. We provide first-class service by focusing on client satisfaction and delivering a superior rental experience.

How Did We Get Growth in SEO

Enterprise started a partnership with Sempeak in 2016 as they weren’t doing well on the internet spectrum with Google search results. The company ranked considerably low, and car-rental related keywords never stood out on the first page of website searches.

How Did We Get Successful

Investing in SEO solutions changed the company’s course for the better. We increased their brand visibility and boosted our site traffic within one year by implementing correct SEO principles. By managing the appropriate keywords, our company became famous almost instantly, and we’re in league with some of the highest-ranking Google search results.

Enterprise Success Story

The use of progressive technology and investment by Sempeak has aided Enterprise tremendously and led us to the pinnacle of success with millions of clients in Turkey.