Elle Shoes Success Story
Elle Shoes Success Story

Elle Shoes Success Story

Since 1977, the company aims to keep Turkish women at pace with the fashion world. Soon, it moved from its original location, a workshop in Gedikpaşa, to a store in one of Turkeys hottest commercial addresses: the Rumeli Street.


How Did We Get Growth in Ads

Since they partnered up with Sempeak, Elle Shoes increased ROAS on their online ads (Return on Ad Spend) by a staggering 379%. This was possible thanks to Sempeak’s improvements on Descriptions, Headlines, Material and Gender, using Google Merchant Center. The company’s ads performance increased impressively in two months, just by updating the Description field.


How Did We Get Successful?

Improvements like the one mentioned above showed an impressive result overnight. The shopping ads saw an increase of 232% on the first day alone. Thanks to the ads’ optimisation, their cost-per-click decreased. Meanwhile, there was a notable increase in the number of clicks. The shopping campaign returned a conversion of 66.86% higher than before.