Defacto Success Story
Defacto Success Story

DeFacto is one of the leading brands in the Turkish fashion industry. Its presence spans over 319 stores and has commercial activities in more than 100 countries, making it the second-largest brand in this sector. Their sales spiked when they decided to move their business online. Establishing a partnership with Sempeak helped them to propel their brand even further.


How Did We Get Growth in Ads?

When DeFacto reached out to Sempeak for a partnership, they provided detailed information about their business. This was a crucial point for developing an effective ad campaign. It was possible to create better, customer-targeted ads and choose the best AdWords by using conversion rate optimization tools.


How Did We Get Successful?

Analytics tools provide a clearer picture of customers' online behaviour. This means you can sectorize customers by how much time they spent on your page or customers who clicked "add to cart" but didn't complete their purchase. It allows for more specifically tailored ads too. As a result of the campaign, the conversion rate increased by a whopping 440%.

ho clicked the “Add to Cart” button but didn't go to the cart page or who received an error on the checkout page, but didn't go to the conversion page. These audiences lowered the cost-per-acquisition by 70% in Display Ad Network campaigns and increased the conversion rate by 440%.