Arnica Success Story
Arnica Success Story

The famous Turkish architect of SENUR A.Ş. established Arnica, an electrical appliance company, in 2001 to develop and manufacture practical, revolutionary and premium quality products for people.

How Did We Get Growth in SEO

Arnica made use of a strong SEO plan to promote its site and increase traffic which guaranteed that the Arnica website ranked first in three Google search results in product groups. This action, in turn, made specific categories with appropriate SERP URLs accessible to potential clients exploring the page.

How Did We Get Successful

Arnica launched its e-commerce website and products online in January 2006 and, since then, have invested in SEO solutions. Partnering with leading SEO brands, such as SEMPEAK, has sparked an increase in the brand’s site traffic on Google and led to it being one of Turkey’s biggest appliance manufacturers.

The Arnica Success Story

Using SERP URLs and SEO solutions has put Arnica on the map and cemented its place in the digital e-commerce world. Since adopting new marketing strategies, the Arnica brand has seen a 145% growth in organic traffic and a 37% increase in organic sourced traffic since 2017 and a 77% overall in 2018.